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Not everyone has the time or desire to commit to a long term course. Maybe you already have some skills and knowledge and just want to learn more or maybe you want to focus on specific topics. If so then our customised one to one training will be ideal. You just tell us what you would like to learn and how much tuition time you would like to book. We'll then structure the content to suit your time schedule and budget. Brilliant!

Career Focus

Our customised one to one training is ideal for beginners, hobbyists or professionals who want to add to or update their current skills and knowledge. 

Course Structure

We can cover lots of topics ... take your pick!

Sound engineering

Mixing consoles, Multitrack recording, Microphones, Compressors, Noise gates, Equalisation, Effects, Cables and Connectors, Speakers  and Amplifiers and of course some good honest advise!


No previous experience required


The satisfaction that you know what you're at!


Min. duration 1 day. Time needed will be dependent on number of subject areas


Fee: 1 day - €250, days 2 to 4 - €200, days 5 and up - €175 per day


Student Comments

"Beautiful studio, Great Course! Learned absolutely loads about Sound Engineering and Music Technology. Recommend Poppyhill to everyone."

Owen Cardiff

Owen Cardiff

Poppyhill is a very friendly learning environment.The facilities are wonderful and the tutors are very approachable & helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone. "

Sarah Sherlock

Sarah Sherlock

My time in Poppyhill was really good, me and the lads had fun there and learnt loads! it's an excellent place to study.

Anthony Culloo

Anthony Culloo


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  • Logic and Ableton Training
  • Pro Tools Training

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