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Would you like to work in a recording studio or maybe set up your own recording facilitty? Maybe you'd like to work in sound design or game audio? Maybe you'd like to be a freelance mix engineer or producer working for clients in different studios. If this sounds like you then the question is "How do I qualify myself to achieve my ambitions?"

There are many different course options available to anyone interested in pursuing a career in audio or music production. However many typical academic qualifications are too broad based and do not focus on or bring the student's practical skills to a level that is really required by employers or to develop self employment opportunities. This course has been designed to specifically address this issue. In developing the course we have looked at the essential every days skills required by engineers and producers and the equipment and software they use. Based on this we have structured the course into a series of practical workshops supported by certifications that are truely recognised and valued throughout the industry. We feel that with this course we have created the ideal learning structure that will provide students the optimum opportunity to develop a career in the industry. 

Career Focus

Graduates of this course can pursue careers as pro tools operators or studio programming assistants in recording studios. Careers in audio post production or game audio in the role of recording engineer, sound editor, mix engineer, dialogue editor, sound designer are also possible options. Alternatively graduates may use the range of skills developed to pursue careers as sound engineers or music producers on a self employed/freelance basis.

Course Structure

The course consists of three main modules:

1. Avid Pro Tools Certification

2. Studio Programming

3. Recording Techniques

Learning will be delivered through a serious of practical learning workshops in addition to the Avid Pro Tools certification programme

Module Outline:

1. Pro Tools certification

Pro Tools is the Industry standard audio production system in music studios, game audio and film audio post facilities across the world. The Avid Technologies certification program is designed to educate users in the operation of Pro Tools for the various areas of the industry and in this regard offer a number of industry recognised and highly regarded certifications. This course will offer the opportunity for students to reach full Pro Tools Operator certificaton status. To reach this level students will complete the following courses:

Avid Pro Tools 101 - Pro Tools fundamentals 1 

Avid Pro Tools 110 - Pro Tools fundamentals 2

Avid Pro Tools 201 - Pro Tools Production 1

Avid Pro Tools 210M - Pro Tools Production 2 - Certified Pro Tools Operator (Music)

Students will also have the opportunity to complete the following optional certifications:

Pro Tools 210P - Pro Tools Production 2 - Certified Pro Tools Operator (Audio Post)

Pro Tools 130 - Game Audio

2. Studio Programming

This module will provide students with a range of programming skills essential to the areas of music production and sound design and will offer a range of hands-on tutorials and practical workshops in the following subjects:

Synthesis programming


Midi programming and sequencing 

Music structure and composition 

Hardware and Software Effects programming (Reverberation and Time domain effects)

Hardware and Software Signal processing (Equalisation, Compression, Expansion, Limiting, Gating)

Sound manipulation (Harmonic, Pitch, Compression/Expansion)

3. Recording Techniques

A good grasp of fundamental recording practice is essential to compliment the development of programming and compositional skills. This module will provide students with the opportunity to develop these skills in a serious or workshops covering:

Vocal and dialog recording

Acoustic and electric instrument recording

Drum kit recording

Ensemble recording

Mixing techniques

Audio Mastering

Note: The emphasis at all times is to develop practical skills. However some theoretical knowledge is essential. This will be provided through the provision of an online library of supporting documentation and media.


There are no specific entry requirements for this course. However a good practical knowledge of computers is definitely beneficial. Ability to play a musical instrument would be beneficial but not essential. The course is equally suited to beginners or those with some previous experience who wish to ehance their skills. 


Avid Pro Tools certifications

Avid Pro Tools 101 - Pro Tools Fundamentals 1

Avid Pro Tools 110 - Pro Tools Fundamentals 2

Avid Pro Tools 201 - Pro Tools Production 1

Avid Pro Tools 210M - Pro Tools Production 2 - Certified Pro Tools Operator (Music)


130 - Game Audio

210P - Pro Tools Production 2  - Certified Pro Tools Operator (Audio Post)

Poppyhill School of Recording Certificates of Unit Credit:

Synthesis and Sampler programming

Midi sequencing and Music composition

Signal and Effects programming

Sound manipulation

Recording techniques

Practical Microphone techniques

Mixing and Mastering techniques


30 weeks two days each week. Studios are bookable outside of class hours


Fee: €3,250 plus €450 books and exam fees. Flexible Instalment plans available: Deposit of €300


Note: Students paying full fees in advance will receive a free copy of Pro Tools software!

Student Comments

"Beautiful studio, Great Course! Learned absolutely loads about Sound Engineering and Music Technology. Recommend Poppyhill to everyone."

Owen Cardiff

Owen Cardiff

Poppyhill is a very friendly learning environment.The facilities are wonderful and the tutors are very approachable & helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone. "

Sarah Sherlock

Sarah Sherlock

My time in Poppyhill was really good, me and the lads had fun there and learnt loads! it's an excellent place to study.

Anthony Culloo

Anthony Culloo


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