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You must pay a course deposit to secure a course place. This deposit is refundable for a period of fourteen days after the payment has been made. After this no refund will be made except in the event of an unsuccessful application.

Important notice regarding online applications

We receive many course applications through our online application process. Unfortunately some of these applications are not genuine. In order to avoid unnecessary administration, please do not submit an online application unless you are genuinely interested in attending a course. 

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  • Sound Engineering and Music Production
  • Sound Engineering and Music Technology
    Diploma in Sound/Music Production
    Introduction to Sound and Music Technology
    Sound Engineering 1 to 1 training
    Music Technology 1 to 1 training
  • Logic and Ableton Training
  • Logic 101 Certificate
    Ableton Workshop
  • Pro Tools Training
  • Avid Pro Tools 130 certificate - Game Audio
    Avid Pro Tools 101 Certificate
    Avid Pro Tools 110 Certificate
    Avid Pro Tools 201 Certificate
    Avid Pro Tools 210M Certificate
    Avid Pro Tools 210P Certificate
  • Previous related experience if any :
  • Interests and hobbies :

Terms and conditions of enrolment (Please read)

1. A deposit secures a course place subject to an application being successful. This deposit is refundable up to a period of seven days following date of payment or in the case of an unsuccessful application.

2. A student withdrawing from a course after the commencement date shall not be entitled to a refund under any circumstances and shall remain liable for the full course fee.

3. Course fees DO NOT include examination fees.

4. The number of students accepted on a course shall be at the discretion of Poppyhill Schoolof Recording but shall not exceed twenty.

5. Poppyhill School of Recording reserves the right to cancellation of any course. In this
event applicants will have the option of a full refund of fees paid or a place on an
alternative course.

6. In the case of online courses, applicants must accept that owing to the unpredictable
nature of internet connections, occasional disruptions may occur, for which school shall not be held responsible.

7. Any student whose behaviour is being disruptive and detrimental to the progress of
other students on any course can at the school's discretion be expelled from the course without recourse to any refund or appeal.

8. No correspondence will be entered into with any party other than the course applicant. i.e. The Student.

9. Applications for enrolment can be accepted from international students.
Should a student visa be required to study in Ireland, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they satisfy the visa approval requirements. In the event that a student visa is refused to an applicant, the school shall provide a refund of any fees paid less a 2% administration fee. This administration fee may be waived at the schools discretion.

10. In the unlikely event that a course for which an international student has enrolled
is cancelled, the school will assist the student in so far as it is able, to find an alternative course. In this case the school will provide a full refund of fees paid by the student to the school. The school shall be indemnified against any claim for other expenses incurred by the student.

Applicant declaration:
I am willing to accept the conditions outlined above. I am 100% committed to my chosen course.
I accept full responsibility for my achievements from this course.

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Student Comments

"Beautiful studio, Great Course! Learned absolutely loads about Sound Engineering and Music Technology. Recommend Poppyhill to everyone."

Owen Cardiff

Owen Cardiff

Poppyhill is a very friendly learning environment.The facilities are wonderful and the tutors are very approachable & helpful. I would recommend this school to anyone. "

Sarah Sherlock

Sarah Sherlock

My time in Poppyhill was really good, me and the lads had fun there and learnt loads! it's an excellent place to study.

Anthony Culloo

Anthony Culloo


  • Sound Engineering and Music Production
  • Logic and Ableton Training
  • Pro Tools Training

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